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Company has a good reputation so I…

Posted by Ben.Donaldson on 08/28/2013

Company has a good reputation so I called them to fix my desktop. Turned out to only need a new power unit which the tech had with him. Everything worked out as expected and I have no complaints. They called me a few days after technician was here to make sure everything was working ok.

Perfect installation of our network

Posted by BenjaminE51245 on 06/13/2013

Perfect installation of our network. We moved into a new office and needed 35 network cables run into different rooms. Everything was installed and working perfectly. One of the connectors had to be replaced but they sent their tech back to fix it the next day. Overall they did a great job.

Techs in a sec has sent us several techs…

Posted by JonTx08 on 03/30/2013

Techs in a sec has sent us several techs in the past and we have always had good results. Our business has 9 computers and a server and I dont know enough about the computers to do all the work myself. When I need things done that are beyond my skill I call Techs in a Sec to do the work. They hve sent a few different techs over the months all that were polite and knew how to fix our problems. Over all I would reccomend the company on the grounds of knowledge and price.

New PC with windows 8 that I hate.

Posted by DaminMI on 03/12/2013

New PC with windows 8 that I hate. I called to see if they could remove Windows 8 and put another version of windows on the computer. They explained my options and I agreed to have them send a person to modify my computer. They were able to modify windows 8 to look more like windows 7 which I am more comfortable with. perfect.

These are good people to work with.

Posted by EsquireTaxServices on 03/03/2013

These are good people to work with. As a Tax professional when my equipment goes down I need a quick response to get it working again. This is a busy time for us so when our network went down due to failed equipment it was critical to get it working again as soon as possible. Techs in a sec sent a technician to our office that was able to survey the situation and was able to determine we had some equipment failure from a recent storm we had. They quickly replaced the network devices that failed and we were operational again instantly. I would highly recommend them.

I have to agree with the last poster…

Posted by ITMangr on 02/12/2013

I have to agree with the last poster that they seem to be a well organized operation. I started using them for our branch offices recently and they made the process quite simple with fast results. Before i had to call technicians in each area and search the web looking for them. Now I simply just email my request and they send a tech. It saves me time to do the more important work in my job.

Perfect match for our IT Support needs.

Posted by Hower.157 on 12/30/2012

Perfect match for our IT Support needs. We used another company in the past but he was a one man shop and always took days to service us. Over the holiday week we gave up as he couldnt be reached again. We found TECHS IN A SEC which was open and came the same day. They sent a nice guy named Charlie who took care of our needs and had us up and running quickly again. No more one man shops for us. We will continue using techs in a sec going forward and stay with a professional company.

One day I came home and the computer…

Posted by David81Felix on 10/17/2012

One day I came home and the computer would not power on. Then I came on YP.com and typed computer repair and found these guys. There was NO WAY I was going to take my computer to geek squad. Anyways, I called Techs In a Sec and the next day they told me what the problem was and that they could fix it. They fixed my computer in record time and the cost was super reasonable. Plus I didn’t lose and data.

As a business owner its difficult to…

Posted by AceHighJoe on 10/11/2012

As a business owner its difficult to juggle so many things. I use to try and maintain my computers myself but dont have the time anymore. I called them to come out to take a look at a pc that had some viruses on it. They were able to clean it up rather quickly and then offered to optimize my other computers. I didnt realize how much better the performance could be until the tech finished. Its slowed down slowly over time and I just thought they were old but nope. They just needed a tune up.


We are a auto salvage auction company…

Posted by AutoDeckLot on 09/30/2012

We are a auto salvage auction company and when our systems go down we are in trouble. The bosses son usually can fix our technical problems but not this time. We called techs in a sec and they were able to get our network working again so we could continue to work and sell. Thank you for your help as you really saved us. We will continue to call you when ever we have a problem.


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